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WooCommerce Installation — How to Set It up on Your Website

WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress. It boasts over 5 plus million active installs, a 4.6 user rating on and latest version of woocommerce is 3.7.0, which needs wordpress version 4.9 or higher and available in 60 languages. Latest version of woocommerce requires PHP version 5.6 or higher.

If you’re interested to start online ecommerce market on your WordPress-powered website, going with WooCommerce is one of the best option you can choose. WooCommerce is an open source shopping cart plugin free to download and running your online store with highly customizations and can be works perfectly with lots of other plugins.

How to Install and Set Up WooCommerce in XAMPP

Normally, you need to start with installing and activating the WooCommerce plugin. You can install woocommerce either on a new or existing WordPress site. In the following steps, we will go through process of setting up the woocommerce plugin and configuring its settings.

Step 1: Install the Plugin

The first thing, you need to install woocommerce on your wordpress enabled website. You can download it from WordPress repository for free and upload it in wordpress website. You can also install woocommerce from wordpress dashboard using plugin section.

To install woocommerce, login to your WordPress site admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Use the search bar to locate “woocommerce”, and click on Install Now when you find the right plugin with Automattic author.

Now wait for a moment to download and install, then click on Activate button.

Install downloaded file using Upload plugin

Download the woocommerce plugin from and login to your WordPress site admin panel and navigate to Plugins > Add New. Click on Upload plugin and select download file and click on “install now” to install the plugin.

After click on install now you will find following screen.

Now plugin is successfully installed and you are ready to configure your setting for your online store.

Step 2: Access the Setup Wizard

After installing WooCommerce, you will go through a setup wizard. It’s optional, but we recommend going through it in order to configure your online store settings.

The first page of the WooCommerce setup wizard should look like below

Here, WooCommerce is asking you to enter some basic information about your store. This information includes store address, what currency you’d like to accept, and whether you plan to sell digital or physical products (or both). Fill the information and click on Lets go for payment information step.

Note: You can change all your information you have entered while setting configuration of setup wizards.

Step 3: Choose Your Payment Options

On the next step, you can decide what payment methods you want to enable for your online store. By default, you can use Stripe and/or PayPal, along with offline payments such as checks, Bank transfer (BACS) and cash.

Now select(tick) the options you would like to use for your store for payment, and WooCommerce will set them for you. You can also add/remove payments methods later on. On click continue button you will redirect to shipping option page to configure.

Step 4: Configure Your Shipping Options

The next step, you will see Shipping option.

Here at shipping option, you can decide how much customers will be charged for shipping price of products. You can set one rate for your preferred customer zone, and another for customers who are in other locations. If you like, you can also offer free shipping to one or both groups.

You can also set product weight and dimension measurements here. Once you have done with shipping zone, shipping cost and shipping method click on Continue for next step.

Step 5: Recommended Optional Add-Ons

At this point, you’ve configured all the basics for your online WooCommerce store. The next page of the setup wizard presents you with a few optional add-ons that is recommended by woocommerce to enhance functionality.

All of these plugins can come in bunch with woocoommerce recommendation, although none of them are required to run your online store. We strongly recommend you to check out Storefront. This is a WordPress theme designed specifically for WooCommerce and can make setting up your store quicker and easier. You can skip this step by click below Skip this step link.

Step 6: Install the Jetpack Plugin (Optional)

Next step, you will find following screen for jetpack plugin add-ons.

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that offers lots of features like security functionality, various analytics, and more. It can be useful for your WooCommerce store, but not required – so it’s up to you whether you’d like to install it or not. You can skip by clicking skip this step below.

Step 7: Complete the Setup Process

Your WooCommerce store is now ready to use and sell products online.

Now click on “Create a product’ to create your first product.Once you create first product you can visit http://localhost/wordpress-test/shop page to view recently created product.

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